Ann Geisler to Lead at Home Birth Consensus Summit

Home Birth Consensus Summit

Ann Geisler will be leading the Liability Committee at the upcoming Home Birth Consensus Summit Review Meeting in Warrenton, VA.

This Home Birth Consensus Summit Review Meeting plans to discuss the status of home birth in the United States maternity care system.  It brings representatives from all aspects of the US maternity care system together to discuss improved integration of services for all women and families in the United States.  Delegates will have the opportunity to share the progress made since the original National Summit that was held in October 2011.  They have been working hard since 2011 to meet goals established by the Nine Consensus Statements that resulted from the initial Summit.

Ann Geisler had this to say about her upcoming role in the Home Birth Consensus Summit Review Meeting, “I am honored to accept this leadership role and am looking forward to building a system that makes planned home birth as safe as possible, and a positive experience for all involved:  mothers, babies, families, communities  maternity care providers, hospital personnel, administrators and payors.”

Ann Geisler will be attending the Summit Review Meeting from April 17 – April 19.  Make sure to connect with The Midwife Plan on Facebook and Twitter to follow all of the happenings at the Home Birth Consensus Summit Review Meeting.

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