Liability Committee Update from Home Birth Consensus Summit

Liability CommitteeFounder of The Midwife Plan, Ann Geisler, was honored to lead the Liability Committee at last week’s Home Birth Consensus Summit Review Meeting.  The meeting discussed the status of home birth in the United States maternity care system.  It brought representatives from all aspects of the US maternity care system together to discuss improved integration of services for all women and families in the United States.

The Liability Committee was comprised of insurance industry leaders representing insurance companies, insurance agents, claims adjusters, and physicians.  The committee updated their aspirations for the future of the medical liability system.  Here is the Liability Committee’s update from the Home Birth Consensus Summit Review Meeting:

“We are committed to improving the current medical liability system, which fails to justly serve society, families and health care providers. In addition to addressing the current system and shortcomings, some of our main aspirations for the future and initiatives we are planning include:

  • Insure equity in coverage across populations that is non-discriminatory
  • Risk management course appropriate for specific specialty/practice
  • Reducing threat of litigation as a driver of delivery of care
  • Establish online forum as a resource to the home birth community/summit
  • Evaluation of informed consents currently in use
  • Vicarious liability, myth vs. reality
  • Increase visibility/public relations of the insurance industry  and role”

Ann Geisler looks forward to meeting these goals and initiatives with her own insurance company, Southern Cross Insurance Solutions.  Feel free to email Ann Geisler at if you have any questions about the Home Birth Consensus Summit, or to learn more about The Midwife Plan.


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