Buyer Beware – Risk Retention Groups (RRG)

Buyer BewareRisk Retention Groups are a type of insurance transfer company that is owned by each policyholder. Policy holders usually are also required to make a “contribution” to join to cover the companies’ expenses and claims.  Southern Cross Insurance Solutions no longer recommends this type of insurance because these companies are not regulated to the same extent as a licensed insurance company. Many are not financially stable, do not have separate accounting departments, are difficult to reach in event of a claim and some only cover claims that meet the definition of a legal request for damages (letter from attorney). So, if you have an “incident” that could give rise to a claim in the future, many times these are not covered if you try to report them.

Due to the lack of regulation and prior experience trying to work with RRG’s, we find these types of insurance transfer unreliable and unaccountable for their actions. Clients that we placed in these type of companies in the past were informed this was the best alternative we could offer at the time. Now we have much better options.  If you’re going to purchase professional liability insurance, spend your hard earned money on a real policy with real coverage from a trusted advisor.  If you have any questions about the insurance plan that’s right for you, please contact Ann Geisler at (888) 985-3542.

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