“As a Florida licensed midwife and birth center owner I have had malpractice insurance through Ann Geisler since the mid-nineties;  I would trust no one else!”

— Jennie Joseph | CPM


“See our friend, Ann Geisler, for all your midwifery insurance needs.  She is a true friend to midwives.”

— Jenifer Holloman | Aviva College ~ Training and Certifications for Birth Professionals


“We have worked with Ann Geisler for more than a decade to find the best malpractice insurance options for the midwives of the Northern New Mexico Birth Center.  Ann is an expert in insurance issues.  She is thorough, honest, hard working, and has always searched for the best deal for our dollar. I trust her judgement 100%.

I recommend Ann without reservation to be the endorsed affiliate for malpractice insurance for AABC members.”

— Joan Norris | LM | CPM

“I highly recommend Ann Geisler for malpractice insurance for providers and birth centers. Her plans are specifically geared to birth center practices both large and small.  Ann has been answering questions about the various plans and what would best suit our practice.  She has been readily accessible and prompt with quotes and other business related issues.  As a member of AABC, I encourage the organization to designate Ann Geisler as an endorsed affiliate.”

— Amy Johnson-Grass | Owner | Naturopathic Doctor | Midwife at Health Foundations Family Health & Birth Center

“This letter is written to recommend Ann Geisler to be the endorsed professional liability insurance affiliate for the American Association of Birth Centers’ (AABC) members.  Ann has been the professional liability insurance broker for BirthCare & Women’s Health for the past seven years.  We contacted Ann at a time when we were unable to purchase professional liability insurance for home birth due to a national problem with availability. The insurance company that we had worked with for many years dropped its coverage for us.  Our practice specializes in out-of-hospital birth; either birth in the clients home or birth in our birth center.  We needed insurance in order to continue providing services for our clients.  Ann was able to sucessfully solve our insurance crisis so that we did not experience a gap in coverage.

Ann is a dedicated and trusted insurance professional.  She is very knowledgeable and has a wealth of experience. We highly recommend that she be the endorsed affiliate for AABC members.”

— Marsha E. Jackson | CNM | MSN | FACNM

— Alice Bailes | CNM | MSN | FACNM


“Thanks for everything, Ann.  It has been such a pleasure to work with you.  Your personal guidance and attention have been so helpful and reassuring to Cathy Badeaux and I.”

— Esther DeJong | CNM